Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dreams do Come True

Delight in the LORD and He will give you the desires of your heart! Psalms 37:4

Wow!  Have you ever dreamed a "pipe dream"?  You know one of those "you have got to be kidding me" type of dreams?  Well I seem to be a master of those types of thoughts.  Perhaps its my ongoing Cinderella Complex due to an overdose of Disney movies as a kid or perhaps it is because my rose colored glasses are permanently perched on the bridge of my sunburned nose.  For whatever reason, I am a dreamer of dreams.

Many of my dreams have not come to reality but I still do believe that those that are in God's plan will someday, in His perfect timing.  I can't wait to share one of those dream to reality occurrences that just happened in my life on Saturday night!  As many of you know AHG embarked on a two month, paid radio campaign on the Fish in Nashville.  This was a first for us, never before had we invested marketing money into radio.  God's plan was unfolding quickly as we met with the Salem representative and identified different markets where we believed AHG could flourish.  As we prayed and consulted others regarding this decision, it was unanimous that the Nashville market simply made good sense - large Christian community, many denominations are based in Nashville, and the demographic matched the demographic of AHG's membership.  

Upon advising our sales representative regarding the decision, he said "Would you like a Christian artist to serve as your spokeswoman and record your commercials?"  "Sure, that would be great!" we responded.  "Jaci Velasquez loves what AHG is doing in the hearts and minds of girls and would be a wonderful spokesperson for your ministry", assured the Sales Rep.
Laurie and I looked at each other and tears welled up in our eyes.  You see we had dreamed in 1995 at the kitchen table that one day a female Christian recording artist would take up the mantle of AHG and serve as our spokesperson.  We even went so far to name "Jaci Velasquez".  We giggled like two schoolgirls and went about our work of creating forms and tools for the very young AHG.

After a long week of "La Tour du Sud" - tour of the South, Laurie Cullen and I landed in Nashville.  I love Nashville, probably because it is a town for dreamers....or because they have great food and even better music. But to know that this time the Nashville destination was not pursued for food or music but because God was fulfilling a "desire of our heart," made this time particularly special. And, as only the Lord would, it was so much better than our dream.  There in a filled sanctuary, not only did Laurie and I get to hear Jaci testify about AHG and its potential impact, but hundreds of girls and adults did as well.

My heart is filled with His faithfulness and His sovereignty.  And my head is filled with dreams. 

Oh and by the way my hubby and I are bringing the whole family and grandboys to Disney World in a few short weeks...I can't wait!

Until next time,

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