Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Gift

Today was a day I will not soon forget. It started with rain, not a calming quiet misting but a furious tempest that produced pea sized hail and gusting winds.  I finally made it to the office and ran to collect my items for an important call I was to make. I forgot it was our staff's birthday celebration breakfast ( and this month was my celebration but alas, no time to savor that delicious Graeter's confection)...I had an important appointment on the other side of time in the driving rain, it was time to run.

I must admit I was nervous about this meeting.  I prayed all the way to work and then again to the appointment .  I praised the Lord as I listened to Chris Tomlin through the clap of the wipers.  Ah!  I made it, safe and sound. I  quietly prayed again before slipping out of the driver's seat.  My prayer was for the Lord to assume the role of the driver from here on out and to calm my nerves. I knew this appointment was not of my making but of His divine appointment.

I have never met the gentleman who called our office offering a gift early last week, but knew of the legacy his family had built in our city.  Today was the day ordained to meet this stranger and to hear about the gift he wanted to give our ministry - God's ministry.

Rather than meeting a Donald Trump look a like with a gold chain and an oversized onyx ring with diamonds on either side, I met a quiet man with a tempest in his soul -  that is a fire of love for God.  As a result of his passion for Christ, this well established entrepreneur wanted to gift AHG with a substantial donation of land.  Rolling hills with a creek and a pond,  to draw kids who live in asphalt surroundings into the beauty of the out of doors; land that could be used to grow girls into women of integrity.

This is the first time AHG has been offered such a gift. Much information must be processed, consultants engaged and decisions made regarding its viability and appropriateness.  One thing I know for sure,  if it is God's will, He will bring the resource to develop it in a manner that glorifies Him.  It is my prayer that we will seek and follow His leading  and that the giver will be richly blessed.

Might you keep the gift and the giver in your prayers?

Today is a day I will not soon forget....

Until next time,


Unknown said...

WOW! My prayers are with you and AHG! I know God will guide each step.

As Always Loving AHG,

Anonymous said...

All glory to God! thanks for sharing this special time.

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