Monday, December 16, 2013

Sarah's Top Ten Songs of the Season!

Dear Friends,

Well, here we are! Only 12 more days until Christmas 2013 :) I love this time of year for many reasons, but one of the top reasons is because of the music. I absolutely love Christmas songs (if it wouldn't annoy my family, I would probably play them all year long!). I wanted to put together my top 12 Christmas songs (in no particular order) to share with you all so here ya go! :)

#1 Hairy Christmas (performed by Willie Robertson and Luke Bryan)

I saw this on the CMA Country Christmas and was laughing so hard I could barely breath. This was such a fun song! The fact that Willie from Duck Dynasty sings it is just an added bonus :)

#2 Carol of the Bells (by Pentatonix)

This was amazing. I love acappella (when it's done right) and boy! do they do this one right!

#3 O Holy Night (by Tenth Avenue North)

This is my favorite kind of Christmas song: a classic with a little bit of an added beat. I love Mike Donehey's voice and he did this song so well.

#4 O Come Emmanuel (by The Piano Guys)

I mean come on! The Piano Guys are amazing! This has to be my favorite version of this amazing song. It's so mysterious and serious, but in such a beautiful, breath-taking way. <3 br="">

#5 All I Want for Christmas (by Anthem Lights)

Of course I had to put an Anthem Lights song in here somewhere! I normally don't like this song, but I must say: Anthem Lights does it very well! (I may be biased just because I love them so much...:) )

#6 Joseph's Lullaby (by MercyMe)

I am on the verge of tears every time I hear this song. And for those of you who know me, I'm not a crier! This song is simply amazing: A very simple tune, but an amazing message :)

#7 Jingle Bell Rock (by The Newsboys)

These guys know how to have a good time! Best version of this song EVER! And believe me, I have heard many versions ;) If I ever want to get in a good mood, I play this :)

#8 O Come All Ye Faithful (by Rush of Fools)

For one: The little kid at the beginning is adorable :) But this is another example of a band singing the song right! They don't change it up to much but just enough to keep it interesting. Love this one!

#9 Mary Did You Know (by CeeLo Green)

No, I normally don't like CeeLo, and yes, some things in the video aren't completely correct. But! This, I have to say, is one of the more moving videos and performances I have ever seen/heard! Amazing <3 br="">

#10 The Night Before Christmas (by Brandon Heath)

This is another one of those songs that gets me every time. I dare you to have a dry eye after you listen to it. Such a powerful song....

#11 Do You Hear What I Hear (performed by Mary J. Blige and Jennifer Nettles)

If this isn't the most powerful rendition of the song you have ever heard, I don't know what is. They totally get into it and they hold nothing back!! (and they are basically two of the best singers ever!) I love this version :)

#12 This is Christmas (by Kutless)

Ok, I lied. I did have a reason for numbering these songs. I purposely put this one at the end because this truly tells of the true meaning of Christmas. This is why we celebrate this holiday. Christmas is nothing without Christ <3 br="">

Well, I hope you enjoyed these 12 songs! I know I loved putting this together :) As much we love this holiday because of the food, family and friends, let's remember the true meaning of Christmas.
As Kutless says, "What is Christmas without Christ?"

Merry Christmas and God Bless,


Thanks Sarah for this list and may the peace of the Christ Child envelope you now and throughout the New Year!


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