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AHG Girl Blogger Sarah: Top Ten Tips for School Year

Once again the amazing Sarah has shared thoughts of great import to our members and their families.  Sarah it is hard to believe Senior Year is upon you!  May God bless you richly as you represent Him in all you do. To whom much is given, much is expected - our lives COUNT! 
We are proud to call you an American Heritage Girl!

Well, here it is: my senior year of high school. I'm sure many of you are starting school soon or have already started. I have learned so much in these past school years and I have also heard about some struggles of others. So here is a list of some things I have learned, some things others have learned and some things that maybe I haven't dealt with but that may help you. So without further ado, I present to you a list of school helps! (at least I hope they help you ;) )

#1 Keep God first. As much fun extra curricular activities are, make sure that they don't become your idols. Work hard and do your best. Have fun with them! But evaluate yourself: are you focusing on it more and putting it before the Lord and Your time with Him? Then it has become an idol. There are ways to keep God first: do a devo during sports, sing songs that point others to Christ in choir and make sure you are performing to the Lord in plays. Keep God a priority and He'll bless you in your activities.

#2 Don't fall to peer pressure. There are a lot of people who will be pushing you in a bunch of different ways: Do this! Don't do that! Stay here! Make sure you go! It can be hard to know exactly who to listen to. That's where parents and teachers come in. They are there to help you in academics but also socially. Don't be afraid to go to them, or another trusted adult, when you don't know who to listen to. And make sure you always turn to Christ and His word. If anything contradicts with His word, no matter who said it, turn and flee!!

#3 Don't focus on guy/girl relationships. I have made it a point in my life to not date/court in High School. Why? Because in school you should be focused on school! Does that mean you can't get to know guys while in a group setting and even have friends who are guys? Of course not! I have a lot of guys who are my friends! I even went to a soccer game this past summer with my brother and two other guy friends to watch three of my other guy friends play! So you can be friends with guys. The kicker? You can't focus on them. One day I hope to get married, but it's not going to happen during high school, so why start looking? Focus on God and when the time is right He will reveal the right guy for you. Don't rush Him or try to do it yourself: dangerous things can happen. So while in high school keep your focus elsewhere.

#4 Keep distractions at bay. Facebook......tweeting.......instagram.......pintrest........iTunes.......there are a ton of distractions on (and off) the computer that can keep your from your studies and homework. I get distracted really easily (I've gotten sidetracked like five times just as I've written this...) so I have to really watch that I'm not on FB more than I'm actually studying. Set locks, punish yourself, turn the phone off or even go to a different area where there are less distractions. Anything to help you keep your mind on school and off a screen.

#5 Study long and hard. This is pretty self explanatory. You may need to miss some parties and such but in the end good grades pay off. 'Nuf said about that lol!

#6 Surround yourself with good friends. Are your friends keeping your from studying? Hurting you in any way? "Helping" you make wrong choices? Then the answer is this: get rid of them! Yes easier said than done. Everyone wants to be loved by someone. We all want friends! But make sure they are the ones that God wants for you. Keep God first (see #1 ;) ) and He will provide you with good friends. It may be hard and you may be a loner for a while, but standing with God alone is so much better than standing with the world surrounded.

#7 Do what you love. I love choir, so I do it. I love basketball, so I'm on the team. I love theatre, so I
act. Life is to short to do what others want you to do and not do what you love! Will you have to do some things that you don't like? For example: Math? Yes, yes you will. But have some fun in school! High school has been some of the best times of my life. Why? Because I'm with the people I love, learning about things I love, doing things I love and praising God through it all! I already know where I'm going to college and what I'm going to study. I'm getting my English major. Why? (can you guess ;) ) Because I love English!!!! Life is to short to not do what you love, so if God reveals to you what you love: Go for it with all your heart!! :)

#8 Have a good attitude. If you fail, smile and get back up. Enjoy the little things. Laugh often. Praise God. Dance like no one is watching. Have some fun :) God doesn't want us to go through life with a "this is so boring" attitude! Christianity is exciting, we are always learning about God, He is revealing the path He wants us to take, so embrace it! Smile and jump in!

#9 Keep going to church. I know as the school year gets busy it looks more and more appealing to have another day to sleep in. But Sunday is the most important day of the week. Why? You come together with other believers to learn about the most important Person of your life. I know what it is like to sleep in and not do my devos or to miss church. It makes me more tired. Why? I honestly don't know why I feel physically tired, but I know why I feel spiritually tired! It's because I didn't take time for the most important thing: taking the focus off myself and putting it on the Lord! When I miss church or my devos I feel worn out, I feel grumpy and I feel like biting people's heads off! Not literally....but metaphorically. We need that time at church and at personal devos to get our focus right for the week and for everyday. Don't take away your spiritual recharge because your physical feels run down. Keep God the priority.

And for my last "tip".....

(I may be repeating but I feel like this kind of sums it all together)

#10 Do everything for the glory of God. Life is fun, but life is hard. You will have good days and you will have bad ones. You will feel on top of the world one day and down in the dumps the next. Life is full of surprises. But there is one thing that never changes. God. He is always there for you. He is pushing for you, coaching you, picking you up when you're down, disciplining you and standing by you. Do everything for Him. He is why you are alive right now. Every breath you take is a gift from Him. He gave you life, so the least you can do is give your life back to Him. Do what He wants. It may not always be fun, but in the end it is worth it. Glorify Him in your sports, plays, concerts, friends, relationships, activities and school in general. Do everything for the glory of the Lord.

Have a great year everyone! And to us seniors: may this last year be one that we will never forget! Go get 'em, Class of 2014!

Until Next Time,

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