Thursday, June 30, 2011

You are so Important to the AHG Ministry!

Dear Friends,

Sometimes i just have to share an amazing devotional. Upon reading this, I thought of the love I have for the amazing army of AHG volunteers that serve the girls in their community. My soul yearns that they are blessed with God's infinite grace as they selflessly give and model Christian values to our girls- our future.
This blog is for all those who serve in any capacity...whether you are a Troop Coordinator, an Area Coordinator, a Unit Leader or a Snack Provider - AHG works because you are part of it.

Please enjoy this and be blessed!

"Who is wise and understanding among you? Let him show it by his good life, by deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom." James 3:13 (NIV)

What seems small in your world? That place where your vision is grand but your reality isn't. Your influence? Your opportunity? Your business? Your ability to give? Your ministry?

Look at that small place and tell me what you see.

Now, might I be so bold as to slip a little note into your world to tell you what I see?

I see the strings of a gift that when appreciated will spill forth as wisdom and understanding you can't get any other way. I see the possibility of James 3:13 churning to break free in your life, "deeds done in the humility that comes from wisdom."

I see the place from which humility is birthed. That glorious rare quality that doesn't take too much credit. That knows real success is laced with upward glances, bent knees and whispered praises to the One. The only One.
He who gives.

And He who withholds. Not out of spite, not out of ignorance, not out of deafness, and certainly not out of comparisons where others are found to be more deserving.

No. He withholds out of protection. With more urgent restraint than we'll ever possess, He presses back the big to protect the workings of the small.

The small we should not despise.

The quiet nurturing taking place, the unfolding, the stir beneath where none can see.

Soon, a fork in the soul's path must be chosen. One way to haughtiness. One way to humility.

If that soul has never tasted small, it will detest the humble pallet. And crave big, only big, until it is so full of big that being big inflates and distorts and eventually bursts. All things haughty will eventually be made microscopic.

But for the soul that has tasted small, humility becomes their richest fare. The taste that fits. The thing most desired to be consumed. All things humble will eventually be made great.

Oh the beautiful gift of small.

The delight of knowing what small really is.

Small isn't a belittling of one's calling nor an indication of one's future.

It's a place. A grand unnoticed place. A place to be protected and remembered. A place that keeps all things big in good and right perspective.

Small isn't what keeps us from that grand vision.

Small is what keeps us for that grand vision. a drink of cold spring water, this beautiful message by Lysa Terkeurst quenches my soul. May we remain humble and quiet as we serve. When we do we can become the vessels of service that allows the Holy Spirit to dwell within us accomplishing mighty works that glorify Him.

Until next time,

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Margaret in Minnesota said...

Amen, Sister-in-Christ. :)

PS. Good luck in Philmont!

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