Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Guest Blogger: Diana Withers of Minnesota represents AHG at a Very Important Event!

 Hi Friends,

Life has been so busy as I know it must be with you.  Preparing for the new school year takes so much time but you almost made it!  We are all ready to start fresh with a full year of opportunities ahead.

My summer has been a flurry of activity, much of it having to do with our very special relationship with the Boy Scouts of America.  A trip to Philmont and then to the Top Hands Meeting in San Antonio created lasting memories for me and wonderful opportunities for AHG.

What is really great is that when I am "on the road" sharing the good news of AHG, our staff and volunteers are doing the same!  I asked one of those outstanding volunteers to be a guest blogger this month, sharing with you her wonderful experience as she represented AHG at the National Lutheran Association of Scouters' Annual Meeting in Minnesota.

Seeing more and more of our volunteers sharing the mission of AHG with a hungry world is a real blessing.  Serving as a volunteer while speaking about AHG has been a wonderful experience for the Withers' family as explained below:

Recently, my children and I had the honor and privilege of representing AHG at the National Lutheran Association of Scouters' annual meeting in Bloomington, MN. Their agenda focused on the religious emblems that are available to young people involved in various scouting and character development programs, including Boy Scouts, AHG, and more, through the P.R.A.Y. organization. 

Representatives from these groups were invited to inform NLAS how the religious emblem is incorporated into their advancement programs. As many of the NLAS members were not familiar with AHG as an organization, I gave a brief overview of our mission, rank structure, and our growth across the country over the past 15 years, and then shared with them how AHG promotes P.R.A.Y. religious emblems within our handbooks and programming.

The response to our organization’s incorporation of religious emblems was very positive, as well as the overall mission that AHG has embraced. While many organizations see religious emblems as something a child earns independently of their advancement and in some cases is fully optional, AHG has a more proactive stance in encouraging it as an additional endeavor to augment the badgework our girls are completing. We also allow the actual awards to be worn on the uniform, rather than creating a separate emblem, which is more common in other groups.

This is my daughter’s and my third year as AHG members, and being able to represent AHG in such a capacity has given us new excitement for what we are learning and for promoting AHG in our community. We are also very grateful for an organization that actively encourages girls and their families to cultivate a strong faith in God and to express our faith through our service toward others and through our daily lives.

To learn more about Religious Emblems, tune into our November 16, 2011 webinar. Thank you Diana for "standing in the gap" so beautifully.  I pray you have inspired more to share the message of AHG with families across this great land!

Until Next Time,

PS If you would like to be an AHG Ambassador, let us know and we will supply you with the Powerpoint and Script that tells our story.

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