Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Circus

Sunday afternoon, Pat and I went to the "Greatest Show on Earth" with two of our grandsons and two of our daughters.  We were of course, a tad late....did I say "of course?" and the aisles were pitch black as we opened the arena doors.  But the stage, oh the stage.... was as illuminated as the North Star.  My oldest grandson's dark eyes glistened as his wide smile spread across his face -he was going to love this.  And that meant I was going to love it too!

The circus might not have been on the top of my list that day, following a very good but exhausting AHG Strategic Planning Event, but it sure was on the top of Isaiah's list.  And one thing I have learned through the years is that kids' lists are always the most fun and usually the most memorable.

I had laundry and dishes and trip planning and taxes - oh yes, those taxes are due soon, aren't they? - and a phone call to mom in Florida and my husband had the garage to clean and a powerpoint to complete....but Isaiah had a plan - a plan to see tigers and elephants and trapeze artists and motorcycles in a sphere.  His plan was far better than my plan - yes I got to the dishes and the laundry last night - the taxes remain unfinished - but my heart is full as I continually recount his precious countenance and the joy that was reflected in it.

It is so important in this flurry of activity that we call life, that we take time to do the "fun" stuff.  No, the circus was not going to make me a better person, not even a better leader, and probably not a better Christian, but it sure gave me time to act like a kid again - to marvel at the three elastic women who can fit in a pretty small box and the strong man who can lift those women and a ton of barbell weight to boot, and to wonder why those trapeze artists don't vomit all over the place. I even enjoyed my multicolor icee in a cup that resembled an elephant's head and spent money on a Made in China light up toy.  

Acting like a kid again that Sunday afternoon, brought a spring to my step and joy to my heart.   If the Circus did this much for me, I can't wait to see what a week of Disney World is going to do!

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