Monday, May 13, 2013

AHG Girl Guest Blogger, Sarah shares an important message for Dads!

Dear Friends,

You are going to love this month's blog by our guest blogger and Patriot extraordinaire, Sarah!  What a great idea, thank you Sarah for sharing  a wonderful AHG experience with all of us!

I love planning events. It is one of my favorite things to do. This year our Troop's Patriots  planned one of my favorite events: A Tea Party. Most years we have done mother/daughter tea parties, but this year we switched it up and did a father/daughter “T” Party! What does the “T” stand for? “Timeout!” Take some time for your daughter.

It was really neat to see all the fathers and daughters spending time together. The theme was black and white and we did it in a gym so it was a great wide open space and we even used the scoreboard buzzer to mark times for bingo. Every ten minutes the buzzer would go off and the girls would squeal and get their bingo cards out. It was fun to see all the giggles and smiles. We also took black and white pictures. We had lots of props and clothes for them to try on. It was neat to see the dads step out of their comfort zones and to have some fun with the costumes. The girls loved “dressing up” their dads and everyone had big smiles on their faces by the time they posed for the camera.

Even after all these fun activities, I must say that the most fun was the message. A friend of mine’s dad spoke for a few minutes. It was a really good message and it seemed like it hit home to a lot of people.

The main message was to take time for your daughter. Girls now a days are looking for someone in their life to take time for them. To give them direction. To tell them they are beautiful just the way they are. There are a lot of things in this world that give girls messages: magazines, tv shows, commercials, books and other things. But they teach them the worldly thoughts of beauty and what is important. The world teaches that beauty is all outward, that girls need to have a boyfriend to be popular and that it’s better to live like the world than to live God’s way. So dads have to take that responsibility and teach their daughters the truth because if they don’t, the world will teach them lies. It is very important for dad’s to take time for their daughters. If they don't tell their daughters they love them then the girls will look for it elsewhere. They need to be told they are beautiful. Believe me, if we don't hear it from home, we will look for it elsewhere! The world can easily pull girls into their trap and lead them down a terrible path. So dads, take the time for her! Every girl is different and has their own talents and likes, that's ok! Encourage her in her interests and even take time to go to her concerts, plays, sports, etc.Tell her she is important, tell her she is beautiful, tell her she is worth more than anything to you. Tell her that God thinks she is beautiful and unique just the way she is. Teach her Truth from the Word and she will not listen to the lies from the world.

Spend some time with your daughter! It doesn't have to be this big elaborate day, a simple movie night is a bigger deal to a girl than anyone would know. A movie night, a lunch date, even a simple talk! Anything is better than nothing :)

Here, maybe this will help remember some of these main points:

T - encourage her in her individual talents
I - take the initiative, make the first step to spend time with your girl
M - make memories, even something as "small" as a snowball fight!
E - make it enjoyable, and don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone; have some fun!
O - look for opportunities to spend time together or to even complement her
U - every girl is unique, so tell her she is and that she is beautiful just the way she is
T - just take time :)

What a wonderful idea and explanation, thank you Sarah!

Until Next Time,

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