Monday, January 30, 2012

Bursting the Bubble of Me

This has been an incredibly busy month of interviews.  Today's web stats show that over 90,000 unique visitors visited the AHG website and the site experienced over 3 million hits.  The good news of AHG is spreading.

I love that interviews spark interest, create a platform for discussion and reflection on the purpose and mission of the American Heritage Girls but to tell you the truth, I just love to talk about AHG and its impact on its girl members.  After all  what prompted the founders to invest countless hours, hard earned dollars and much sacrifice, is an incredible love for girls and their unique God given role in society.

During this month's many radio broadcasts and print article "chats" I found myself giddy when talking about how AHG transforms girls, volunteers and families.  I enjoy sharing testimonials that have been so graciously shared by our members and cite service projects that have positively affected communities literally across our nation and beyond.  I am constantly humbled by God's providence in giving flight to the dreams of those parents around my kitchen table in 1994 and beyond.

Today, "kitchen table" parents call the office wanting to start a legacy in their communities by providing an AHG troop for their daughter or granddaughter.  Some don't have children but know the importance of a character development program that is based on timeless values and offers complete transparency in its programming.

And then, during the course of these busy days, we hear from the girls themselves - most often through an essay they have painstakingly prepared as a part of their Stars and Stripes Project Binder.  Their Life Ambitions or Spiritual Walk Essay focuses on their past, their present and their future and how AHG has impacted their life during their involvement.   Learning to lead others while planning a service project of over 100 hours is no easy task, one that few adults have even tackled.   And to make matters more complicated,  all the while  refining the fine art of collaboration, communication and decision making, a girl transforms her once egocentric life to a life of giving and a lifelong servant leader is born.  It is an amazing process not unlike the larvae which  transforms into a graceful butterfly.  And it can be painful.

Recently I recieved Kindle's application for AHG's most prestigious Award.  Her essay was so impactful I shared it with our Board of Directors and our hardworking staff.  Her words touched my heart and encapsulated the mission of AHG so beautifully.

My Stars and Stripes project, as well as these past years in AHG have furthered my conviction that my purpose in life is to show the world my Creator's love.  Seeing the needs in my community and realizing I can meet them, really opened my eyes.  It brings me to the verse - Don't look the other way pretending you don't see him. Deuteronomy 15:7.  Once we get outside of our lives, once we turn off the reflectors on ourselves...We see.  We finally SEE the needs of others.  NOTE: Get outside of yourself, forget your pride, and drop it at the cross.  Once you get outside of yourself and let God use you, He WILL use you for great things.  Satan thinks he's just brilliant as he disguises a deprived thirsty life in his appealing bubble.  What is that bubble?  It's called ME.  Thank you AHG for helping teen girls daily pop this bubble, doing service in the community and encouraging others to do so in the process.  You have impacted my life.

And you dear Kindle and the many Kindles to be - you tell the AHG story much better than I ever could. 

Until next time,

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