Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Welcome! Happy March!

I can’t believe I am writing my first entry on a blog - my blog. I feel like Julie of Julie and Julia but I would never attempt to cook that much! Don’t get me wrong, I like to cook but mostly on the weekends when I have time, not after a long day of work at AHG!

They (who are “they” anyway?) say your first blog should tell the audience who you are, why you are blogging, what you will be blogging about and how you can leave feedback. Well....here goes!

I am a Christian, a wife, a mother, a grandmother, a sister, a daughter, a cousin, an aunt, a great aunt, a neighbor, a friend, a co worker, a manager. I am a lot like you. I love to learn and I love to teach. I love my family – my husband Pat whom I have loved since grade school and my 4 blessings – the 3 Garibabes and Jon. They too have fallen in love, some married with children the other two dating wonderful people. I love to love and have a great amount of compassion and empathy – sometimes that gets me in trouble, we’ll talk about that in a later post.

I hope to offer some thoughts on living a life that makes a difference despite the demands of the urgent. I hope to share some lessons I have learned from parenting my four kids. I hope to offer some insight on obedience and the blessing that it brings. And I hope to share with you the depth and width of a love that only God can provide. And I hope that my thoughts are worth the time you may invest reading them.

I welcome your comments. I truly believe that we are all part of the body – equally important to the whole. I believe that sharing our challenges and our triumphs help to lift one another through difficult times. And I believe that a united body in Christ can truly change our culture.

Welcome to this adventure, I don’t know what I am doing in the blogosphere. One thing I have learned in my 50 plus years, if it is of Him, He will give me the words, the topics and the followers.

Until next time... Patti


:o) Rachel said...

Yea! An AHG blog! Thank you, Patti!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Patti! I'm glad you started this blog! I have put it into my Google reader and will be following it there. We are a Trailblazer family in Kansas, and absolutely LOVE AHG! I have a blog at http://www.colbylobrien.wordpress.com where I post family news, including what we are doing as Trailblazers.

sandy said...

Just wanted you to know that I am excited about this BLOG as it will give us some personal time with you that we can't get otherwise. We in Florida are excited about what God is doing through AHG and You are such an encouragement. Thanks Sandy McPhail, Troop FL2101

smith said...

Looking forward to reading more!

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